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DELL 19.5V 4.62A 90W 7.4*5.0mm with Pin Replacement AC Adapter

DELL 19.5V 4.62A 90W 7.4*5.0mm with Pin Replacement AC Adapter

AED 89.00

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DELL 19.5V 4.62A 90W 7.4*5.0mm with Pin Replacement AC Adapter
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DELL 19.5V 4.62A 90W 7.4*5.0mm with Pin Replacement AC Adapter

Additional Information

SKU ADL195462
Compatible Brand DELL
Manufacturer eclone Savers
Output Voltage 19.5V
Amps 4.62A
Output Power (Watt) 90W
Connector Tip 7.4*5.0mm with Pin
Color Black
Compatible Model
Dell 2H098310-2862310-3149
C2894FA90PM111Inspiron 1105 PA-10
Inspiron 1420 PA-10Inspiron 1501 PA-10Inspiron 1520 PA-10
Inspiron 1521 PA-10Inspiron 1525 PA-10Inspiron 1526 PA-10
Inspiron 1535 PA-10Inspiron 1720 PA-10Inspiron 1721 PA-10
Inspiron 300M PA-10Inspiron 500M PA-10Inspiron 510M PA-10
Inspiron 6000 PA-10Inspiron 600M PA-10Inspiron 630M PA-10
Inspiron 6400 PA-10Inspiron 640M PA-10Inspiron 700M PA-10
Inspiron 710M PA-10Inspiron 8500 PA-10Inspiron 8600 PA-10
Inspiron 8600C PA-10Inspiron 9200 PA-10Inspiron 9300 PA-10
Inspiron 9400 PA-10Inspiron E1405 PA-10Inspiron E1505 PA-10
Inspiron E1705 PA-10Latitude 100L PA-10Latitude 131L PA-10
Latitude D400 PA-10Latitude D410 PA-10Latitude D420 PA-10
Latitude D430 PA-10Latitude D500 PA-10Latitude D505 PA-10
Latitude D510 PA-10Latitude D520 PA-10Latitude D530 PA-10
Latitude D531 PA-10Latitude D600 PA-10Latitude D610 PA-10
Latitude D620 PA-10Latitude D630 PA-10Latitude D631 PA-10
Latitude D800 PA-10Latitude D810 PA-10Latitude D820 PA-10
Latitude D830 PA-10Latitude E4200 PA-10Latitude E4300 PA-10
Latitude E5400 PA-10Latitude E5500 PA-10Latitude E6400 ATG PA-10
Latitude E6400 PA-10Latitude E6500 PA-10Latitude X300 PA-10
NADP-90KBNADP-90KB APA-10 Family
PA-3EPrecision M1210 PA-10Precision M170 PA-10
Precision M20 PA-10Precision M2300 PA-10Precision M2400 PA-10
Precision M4300 PA-10Precision M60 PA-10Precision M65 PA-10
Precision M70 PA-10Precision M90 PA-10Studio 13 PA-10
Studio 1435 PA-10Studio 1440 PA-10Studio 1450 PA-10
Studio 1457 PA-10Studio 14z PA-10Studio 15 PA-10
Studio 1535 PA-10Studio 1536 PA-10Studio 1537 PA-10
Studio 1555 PA-10Studio 1557 PA-10Studio 17 PA-10
Studio 1735 PA-10Studio 1737 PA-10Studio 1745 PA-10
Studio 1747 PA-10Studio XPS 13 PA-10Studio XPS 1340 PA-10
Studio XPS 16 PA-10Studio XPS 17 PA-10Vostro 1000 PA-10
Vostro 1014 PA-10Vostro 1015 PA-10Vostro 1088 PA-10
Vostro 1200 PA-10Vostro 1210 PA-10Vostro 1220 PA-10
Vostro 1300 PA-10Vostro 1310 PA-10Vostro 1320 PA-10
Vostro 1400 PA-10Vostro 1500 PA-10Vostro 1510 PA-10
Vostro 1520 PA-10Vostro 1700 PA-10Vostro 1710 PA-10
Vostro 1720 PA-10Vostro 2510 PA-10Vostro A840 PA-10
Vostro A860 PA-10XPS M1020 PA-10XPS M1210 PA-10
XPS M1330 PA-10XPS M140 PA-10XPS M1530 PA-10
condition New

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